Complete guide to cancel Volaris flight online

Volaris change flight

Volaris Airlines always ensures to provide the most comfortable air trip to their passengers. Sometimes, you may need to cancel your trip; then Volaris change flight online will be the best option for a quick cancellation. 

It’s an affordable Mexican airline that never compromises with the high standard travel facilities and other services. VCLUB is a frequent flyer program of the airline that offers multiple benefits to its members. However, meals & drinks are not complimentary.

How can I cancel a flight online with Volaris Airlines?

There is no doubt that you can easily make an online flight cancellation with the Volaris airline. However, you can read the below steps that are easy to understand & help you cancel your trip:

  • The first step is to visit the Volaris website.
  • Click on the “My trips option on the homepage. 
  • Here, provide the booking number & last name.
  • It allows you to access the flight lists & click the one that you want to cancel.
  • Now, click on the cancel flight button. 
  • You may need to pay the cancellation fee if required. 
  • At last, click on the cancellation button & get the confirmation. 

These are the different steps that can help to cancel my volaris same day flight change without any problem. 

Can I cancel the trip on the phone?

Yes, it’s possible to cancel your flights with the Volaris airline on call. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Dial the Volaris airline contact number as +1-860-364-8556 or +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) from the US. 
  • Wait for some time & listen to an IVR voice from the other side. 
  • Listen & follow the commands.
  • Press the button that helps you to connect with a Volaris live executive directly.
  • However, inform them about your flight cancellation requirement & get assistance. 

Explain the flight cancellation policy.

Volaris Airline has a 24-hour cancellation policy, which means you can avoid the flight cancellation fee by cancelling your flight within 24 hours. Infact, you can also get a flight cancellation refund. 

How can I cancel the flight through other ways with Volaris Airlines? 

If you are not able to reach out on the phone with the airline, then different ways can help you cancel the trip & Here are the easy steps that can help:

  1. Email:

You can send an email to a Volaris executive in which you have mentioned your reason for the flight cancellation along with the other details. However, they will read the entire thing & provide you with easy assistance. 

Moreover, you can also request for volaris change flight for your travel convenience.

  1. Airport:

The other ways include cancelling the flight at the airport; you can reach out at the check-in counter, where you can inform the representative to cancel your flight. You can provide them with the other details & get the best solution. 

How much is a Volaris cancellation charge?

If you want to cancel your flight & that too if it’s non-refundable, then pay the cancellation fee between $100-500. But, it depends on various factors such as routes, time, destination, class, fare rules & more. So, you need to keep these things in mind while making the flight cancellation. 

What to do if the airline cancels your Volaris flight?

There are some situations when your trip is cancelled or gets delayed by the airline. So, below are the points to keep in mind:

  1. The travellers can request to get a refund or reimbursement from the airline. 
  2. You may get refreshments or drinks while the flight gets delayed, or you can book another flight for the exact time & day. 
  3. Now, if your trip is cancelled by mistake by the airline, then you will get a refund.

So, these are steps to remember if the airline cancels your flight. 

What are the different reasons to cancel a Volaris flight?

The passengers can try to cancel their trip anytime, but there should be a valid reason for that. However, you can read the below points that can help you to cancel my Volaris flight anytime:

  1. In case of the death of a family member:

If your family member dies, on that basis, you can inform the airline & cancel your trip. However, the airline will waive the cancellation fee & provide a refund. 

  1. Medical emergency:

In case of a medical emergency that can affect your trip, then you can cancel your trip with the Volaris airline. But, the passengers need to inform the airline in advance. 

  1. Active Military official:

The passenger who is serving the nation’s military, then the airline will waive your cancellation fee & help to cancel the flight. 

  1. Last-minute changes:

If you have a last-minute change in your travel plans, then you can inform the airline & request to process the cancellation.

Hassle free cancellation:

Volaris Airline offers hassle free trip cancellation both online & offline. You can also try to connect & speak with a live person at Volaris Airline if you need any kind of assistance. However, there are other methods that can help you to cancel the trip within 24 hrs to avoid the cancellation fee. 

The airline always provides the best services to avoid unwanted trouble or other issues while booking a flight. 


At last, you can read the above details about the volaris flight cancellation & dail +1-860-364-8556 if you need any assistance. 

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